​​Attorney Richard Joyce is a Florida Bar Board Certified Juvenile Law Attorney with years of experience providing representation in child dependency and termination of parental rights ("TPR") cases filed by the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families ("DCF") under Chapter 39 of the Florida Statutes.  In these cases DCF's alleges abandonment, abuse or neglect of a child by a parent.  He is also experienced in dependency and TPR cases involving the Indian Child Welfare Act ("ICWA") and in Chapter 63 TPR cases.  Dependency and TPR cases, whether in the trial or appellate court, are usually complex.  In certain circumstances, these cases are heard in Unified Family Court ("UFC") or Unified Children's Court ("UCC") because the family is involved in a companion family law, domestic violence or delinquency case.

​In one area of the law involving TPR cases filed by DCF, Attorney Joyce is available to serve as an Adoption Entity or to provide legal representation to a person or couple seeking to intervene in a pending TPR case to effectuate the private adoption of a child in DCF's care or under DCF's protective supervision.

​Attorney Richard Joyce is also available to provide representation for relatives, including grandparents, in dependency and TPR cases when they want to seek visitation with a child or the custody of a child.

A​dditionally, Attorney Joyce represents dependent children with special needs through court-appointments in dependency and TPR cases.  In 2016, the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program recognized his excellent advocacy for the children in the 16th Judicial Circuit when it honored him with the Circuit award.  Previously, the Florida Bar Foundation had recognized his advocacy in this area of the law in an article.  https://thefloridabarfoundation.org/paul-doyle-childrens-advocacy-award-goes-to-project-that-secured-lawyers-for-dependent-children-with-special-needs/​​.

If you are or may become involved in a Florida Child Dependency, ICWA or TPR case and are considering private legal representation, then consider contacting Richard F. Joyce, a Florida Bar Board Certified Juvenile Law Attorney.



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